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Corporate Carpet and Floor Covering Solutions

There’s often a fine balancing act between functionality, design and durability.  When you’re evaluating options for your corporate offices, rely on ProCarpet to provide a wide range of commercial carpet and flooring covering solutions.   We evaluate and field test these flooring choices from some of the finest, performance-engineered manufacturers in the world.  From sales to installation, our professionals are experienced in providing businesses with the correct (and good looking) commercial carpet and flooring for office buildings, financial institutions, and other service industries.

Designing an office space and its flooring starts with understanding the needs of the building occupants. Is the office a highly creative place where color and eye-catching visuals are in order? Or does the space need to convey a sense of tradition and stability? Maybe the office has to express the energy of a start-up or the reach of a global company?

Designing for spaces that cross over between residential and commercial can be challenging. When you need to create a residential look but still require commercial performance, the flooring can make all the difference. The goal is to create a warm, welcoming space that feels like home, but is low maintenance and offers long-lasting beauty.  Few things are more satisfying to a designer than creating a beautiful space: one that moves the soul and inspires more beautiful thinking in the people who inhabit it.

We talk a lot about the environment, sustainability and the inherent wisdom of nature’s designs. All in the context of creating a product and a planet that are good for people.  What’s taken shape over just the last two decades is evidence that designs that mimic nature not only please the eye, they also change the people who inhabit them—in them people are more engaged, more collaborative, more creative. The designs promote a sense of well-being. That is powerful.

Our product portfolio is filled with a range of options to meet the widely varying needs of light commercial spaces. From commercial carpet tiles and LVT to easy-maintenance sheet, we offer hundreds of visuals and colors to help you create the right interior for your project.

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