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Educational Flooring

ProCarpet has been providing educational flooring solutions for schools and universities for over 30 years. When selecting flooring for educational facilities, numerous considerations and demands need to be addressed, such as functionality, durability, safety, and ease of maintenance.  You must create a space that will inspire students to learn, while keeping them safe and comfortable, all within the demands of shrinking budgets.  Design is also important, since it can contribute to the emotional well being of both students and faculty. Well-designed flooring solutions can also help define the character of unique spaces, as well as reinforce the individual branding of the institution or an individual sports team.

Our product portfolio is packed with high performance products well-suited to meet the demands of this environment.  From reducing allergens and promoting good air quality to providing durability in areas of heavy foot traffic, school floors contribute greatly to the health, safety and comfort of students and instructors alike.

When it comes to Education flooring, we understand your top priorities:
– Effective Cleaning
– Durability
– Value
– Asthma & Allergies
– Infection Control
– Slip & Fall Injuries
– Noise Control

Our extensive range of school flooring products and coordinated accessories offers high-performance designs in brilliant color palettes that harmoniously blend function and aesthetics. No matter where in the world a project awaits, ProCarpet has functional, sustainable and innovative school flooring solutions to help you design smarter.

We partner with many manufacturers who are committed to supporting sustainability.  These programs help us to dispose of old flooring materials in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

Whether you’re looking for clean, bright, play area surfaces for elementary schools, flooring for classrooms or cafeterias, or gymnasium and professional sports floors for universities, ProCarpet’s trained experts will help you select the appropriate flooring products for your institution’s individual needs.

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